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Auckland Jazz Orchestra

The Auckland Jazz Orchestra (AJO) is a 17-piece big band conceived to play music composed or arranged by New Zealand musicians. It draws from experienced professional musicians and exciting young talent, often collaborating with guest artists.

Together with vocalist Caitlin Smith, they’re recording new arrangements of well-known jazz standards including Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer and Brooks Bowman.

Caitlin Smith is an unsung heroine of New Zealand singers. As a vocal coach, she has helped many popular NZ artists in their rise. As a performer she’s renowned for her clarity, vocal range and expressive performances that cut to the heart of a song.

In 2019, AJO will tour and perform with Caitlin in support of their new album, also marking a decade since the band was formed by co-leaders Tim Atkinson and Mike Booth.

AJO has recorded two original studio albums, performed at numerous jazz, arts and other festivals, and worked with international guest artists.

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