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Alt-pop newcomer Nakita’s 2016 debut EP Foolish Ones is a collection of five electro-pop tracks. The young Cantabrian received help from collaborators: Avalanche City’s Dave Baxter, Ruby Frost, Benny Tipene and producer Leroy Clampitt (the LA-based Kiwi behind Justin Bieber’s hit Company).

This introductory EP earned Nakita two million plus streams across digital platforms. Radio New Zealand have dubbed her, “a Lorde in waiting.”

In her 2017 follow-up Vision Nakita has evolved, channelling the angst of leaving home, moving to the city and maturing as an artist. Clampitt again produced with songwriters Matthew Young, Dave Baxter, Benny Tipene and Ezra Vine chipping in. From the tropical pop lead single In the Water to the world-worn intimacy of Fight the Feeling, Vision is a great follow-on.

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