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Kendall Elise

Kendall honed her musical skill growing up in Papakura. She received her first guitar as a gift at age 13. Kendall played in The Situations and was a member of Thee Rum Coves performing with them at Music in Parks 2014.

Kendall’s influences are Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. She says of her love of country music, "It can be devastatingly heart-breaking one minute and raucous, knee-slapping fun the next.”

Kendall is a flame-haired chanteuse whose beautiful voice belies her often dark humoured, personal lyrics. Her music blends rhythm and blues; folk and country; and everything in between. Heart Full of Dirt from her debut EP I Didn’t Stand a Chance, released in March this year, was a finalist for the APRA Best Country Music Song 2017.

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