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Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes

Renowned for their showmanship, Sal and the Babyshakes throw classic early rock ‘n roll, hot jazz, bebop and original compositions into a swinging mixer creating one of the country’s hottest jazz acts.

Frontman and songwriter Sal Valentine surrounds himself with a slick quartet of horns toting heavy licks and a polished rhythm section, piano, double bass and drums.

Alongside the instrumentalists stand Sal’s other foils – the Babyshakes - vocalists Chelsea Prastiti and Siobhan Grace. This Auckland 10-piece will shake off any preconceptions about jazz being loungey and sophisticated.

The rule of thumb for the band's raucous live performances is to get people up on their feet. As Sal says, the band is "quite in-your-face. We're not background music, that's for sure, and we don't do any covers."

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