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Iva Lamkum

Last year MTV Iggy named Iva one of the world’s top 13 divas, adding that “those who miss Amy Winehouse's alto blues pipes should try New Zealand-based, Samoan/Chinese singer Iva Lamkum on for size.”

Her rich, distinctive voice is unforgettable, creating a sound she likes to call street soul, her twist on soul, funk, jazz and underground hip hop.

Iva’s debut album Black Eagle was released in 2012 to critical acclaim. Grounded in her rich, syrupy voice and sometimes metaphorical, sometimes direct lyrics, is a series of deeply personal, universally relatable meditations on family, hard-work, internal conflict, the loved and the loveless.

Since then she has taken her live show to festivals in Singapore, Korea, Rarotonga and Australia and Europe.

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