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Estère creates sonic amalgamations that merge culture, language and legend. Her vocals soar and swoon, opening gates to new interpretations of age-old tales.

Estère plays "electric blue witch-hop", as she calls her dimensions of electronic, folk and R&B.

Estère began her journey as a bedroom producer with an MPC called Lola. Her first album, 'Estère', released in 2015 via Paris-based record label Prospect, earned her accolades from prominent media outlets. In 2018, Estère's second album 'My Design, On Others' Lives' was championed by Radio NZ as "an exceptional record".

Estère has brought her unique live show – she plays guitar, keyboards, drums – to Europe, Africa and Asia, including slots opening for Grace Jones and Erykah Badu. Estère's onstage talent and energy has earned her sold-out shows and invitations to international festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Afropunk Paris (France), Bushfire Festival (Swaziland) WOMAD (NZ).

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