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D.MATTHEWS – a Nigerian-born vocalist and songwriter – is an idiosyncratic artist who has curated his own brand of motivational and energetic-calm Afrobeat and Afropop.

He blends traditional African elements with global mainstream pop for a sound that's heartfelt and fascinating. His stage presence is one to watch!

As an emerging artist in the Kiwi music industry, D.MATTHEWS has quickly become one of Aotearoa's favourite Afrobeat artists. He cites Afrobeat pioneers Fela Kuti, Burna Boy and fellow Nigerian singer-songwriter WizKid as musical influences, but he's reluctant to define his musical style. "I make different music for different people" he says. "Music doesn't have a stamp for me, as long as you feel it deep down in your soul".

D.MATTHEWS's undulating rhythms can be heard on tracks like 'Sunrise'.

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