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AutoMatic 80s

The AutoMatic 80s live show features the very best of early to mid 80s New Romantic and New Wave hits, performed live, loud and pumping.

AutoMatic 80s delivers the smash hits, ranging from Human League, Simple Minds and Duran Duran to Blondie and Culture Club, and artists like Kate Bush and Robert Palmer. They’ll transport you back to those heady, youthful times and leave you wanting more.

Hundreds of hours of pre-production, musicianship and attention to vocal detail create an authentic live 80s music experience that leaves audiences exhausted from dancing and voiceless from singing.

AutoMatic 80s is a world-class group of musicians featuring the astonishing sound-alike vocals and high energy stage antics of frontman Justin Maclaren, backed up by the pitch perfect Pearl Runga (sister to Boh and Bic).

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