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Chubby Fly

Chubby Fly’s personality and self-belief is refreshing to see.

Making a name for himself in the underground music scene as part of EMG, he did the hard yards and earned respect from his peers.

He’s worked with New Zealand heavyweights Smokey (SWIDT), PNC and Pieter T. Less than 12 months into his solo career, he opened for international acts Daz and Kurupt, headlined his own independent tour, Kick’n Doors Down, and charted a single on a major New Zealand chart.

His latest single, Abundance, debuted on the New Zealand music chart at number 12 and generated over 5000 views on Chubby Fly’s official YouTube video.

Chubby has his mind set on dominating the hip hop scene and is definitely somebody to keep an eye on.

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