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Joanne Slagel

Joanne Slagel is definitely young, certainly talented, and possibly the best musician you’ll see until the next one! She may also be a bit quirky.

A confident stage presenter, Jo sings and nightingales everywhere get jealous and find new jobs. She deftly picks and strums her way through songs ranging from toe-tapping to eye-misting.

When Joanne isn’t gigging, writing / practising songs, or reminding herself that those things are what she should be doing right this minute, she also teaches music itinerantly. That’s a big word for ‘at lots of different schools’.

As for most people, Jo’s future is still ahead of her, but if she were to make a thoughtful stab at guessing what it might hold, it could be a gloriously shining career as a musical entertainer.

She might even be playing for someone exactly like you.

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