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The Jordan Luck Band

The Jordan Luck Band is the super-deluxe ‘Frankenstein’ incarnation backing the iconic Kiwi singer these days.

Every gig, the band plays the best of those iconic tracks we know and love, as well as a collection of recently penned and possible future stadium singalongs of tomorrow.

As front man and pop-writing genius with the legendary Exponents, Jordan Luck clocked up a staggering 18 Top 40 singles over the years, with Victoria voted by the public as the 8th greatest New Zealand song of all time. Jordan was the inaugural APRA inductee into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

Starting from a wish-list of players Jordan wanted to work with, he contacted his fantasy starting line-up and, unsurprisingly, they all signed up.

So, from stage right of the paddock: Bryan Bell - ex-frontman of the much-loved Dead Flowers. Beaver – rock ‘n’ roll royalty and drummer of the world famous D4. Rich Mixture - God of all things musical, formerly graced the stages of D4, Dead Flowers and many more. And Joe Walsh - frontman of Ekko Park.

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