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Written by Wolves

Written by Wolves are a progressive, new, cinematic-rock band hailing from Auckland. The band was formed in late 2014 by friends Davie Wong (Shotgun Alley, False Start), Bahador Borhani (Shotgun Alley), Karl Woodhams (Shotgun Alley, Hurricane Kids) and Michael Murphy (5Star Fallout).

The band has a shared desire to create rock music that is different, exciting and pushes the boundaries of what is expected of the genre. Fusing their favourite elements of rock, alternative, electronic and pop music, Written by Wolves creates a sound that can be described as explosive, fresh and an almost cinematic experience.

In little over a year Written by Wolves has gained almost 50,000 monthly listeners and over one million plays on Spotify. 'Let the Wolves come out to play…’

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