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Stack & Piece

A desire for change fixed these two buddies on throwing, then playing, some of the biggest parties in New Zealand; they're now a must see at almost every major NZ festival.

Starting with small, hundred person parties and playing electro house and dubstep, Scott Tindale and Greg Stack quickly gained a reputation as party starters.

The events they threw expanded and in 2010 they launched Hamilton’s annual inner-city Soundscape festival. In 2013 the festival turned into a full street party attracting more than 5,500 festival-goers.

Waikato Times readers subsequently voted it the city’s second best event, a phenomenal achievement for an event with a target market far younger than the average newspaper circulation.

Buoyed by their success as DJs and promoters, the duo started producing. Their success caught the attention of George FM which offered them a regular party slot on the station, an opportunity they jumped at.

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